Step By Step Guide For Painting Your Room

Painting a room can be a lengthy and complex task if you have no idea as to how it should be done. If you are familiar with various tricks of painting and are used to the whole process, it can be a fun activity and won’t take a lot of time as well.

For those people who are going to paint a room for the first time, the following are the steps that you can follow.

Step-1) Clean the walls

The first thing that you should do is to clean the wall properly. The walls might have dust and other things stuck to it, which can cause a lot of problems to the durability of the paint. Take a soft sponge, a bucket of water and mix a few drops of a dishwasher in it. Now, clean the wall by making the sponge wet from the solution. Make sure that all the corners are properly cleaned. Once done, let it dry for a bit before continuing.

Step-2) Apply painters tape on the trims, door and window frames

Now, stick a good quality painter tape on the bottom trim of the wall so that paint won’t reach the trim. Do the same for window frames and door frames. You can also cover furniture and decorations situated near the walls so that paint won’t fall on them.

Step-3) Apply the primer layer

You might have heard people say that primer is not important if your walls have been painted multiple times in the past. This is completely untrue and applying a layer of primer on an already painted wall allows for a smoother paint layer which will be evenly distributed.

Step-4) Start painting

Now you can start painting using a roller or a brush, whichever is more suitable. Make sure that the strokes are uniform all over the walls as it will disturb the overall look if you are zigzagging the roller all around the wall. It is advised that you should start from the top and eventually reach the bottom. To cover angles that are not accessible by the roller, use a small angle brush.

Step-5) Remove the tapes from the trims and start painting them

Now, that you have completely painted the wall, it is important to remove the tape stuck on the trim while the paint is still wet. This is because it may remove some parts of the dry paint if it gets completely dry. Now, start painting the trims in your favored shade and once done, let it dry for a few hours.

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