How Much Does It Cost To Paint A House?

Every homeowner has to renovate his or her house in a per-defined time interval. This feature helps them to prevent any major repairs in the future and also to maintain the overall look of their house. Furthermore, the overall resale value of their property also increases. To get a proper paint job, it is very essential to consider a few points as they will help you to undertake the process by maintaining the overall cost of the paint.

How can you decide the total cost which will incur during house re-painting job? 

Cost of the paint
Paint cost is the most important aspect which you need to keep in mind before undertaking the house re-painting job. It is very essential to acknowledge the cost incurred per gallon of paint and then calculate the area of your place. This will give you an idea of how much paint will be used.

Thus, you can easily save a great amount of your hard-earned money. It is also very essential to always buy paint from a reputed brand. Painting your house with low-quality paint might compel you to invest shortly. For an area of 1500 to 3500 square feet, you have to pay $250 to $600.

Cost of labor

This is another major factor that one should consider while painting the house. You are required to pay near about $500 to $800 daily to painters. In case, you have a house area around 3000 square feet then you are required to hire a crew of around 3 to 4 painters. They can get the work done in two working days. Thus, you also save a lot of your time. Painters undertake several tasks viz. preparation work, coverage of vegetation and furniture and coating walls twice or thrice with paint.

Cost of painting material

You should also purchase effective painting tools as they will help you to get excellent finishing and it also gets cost-effective. A few essential materials which you should purchase before the painting job are masking paper, plastic, primer, tape, and caulking. They all cost around $120. Before buying the painting material, it is very essential to consider a few aspects viz. total roofline which they have, the number of windows in the house and whether professionals have to do prep-work or not. In case you require a lot of preparation work, you are supposed to purchase an extra gallon of primer and caulking tubes.