how to paint Azek

One of the most common questions that people ask is if you can paint Azek or how to paint Azek. Of course, Azek promises to be maintenance-free, as the producer claims. However, for many reasons, painting Azek is the way to go. And here are some of the reasons we recommend painting Azek.

  1. Porous Edge or End Grain

Unknown to many people, Azek has porous edges. Although its faces are smooth and nonporous, it has a rough edge or end grain, which is porous and capable of holding water for a long time even after morning dew or rain. If left unpainted, the edges of Azek can be home to mold and mildew to grow. And that is why you see most Azek have green or black edges due to the growth of mildew.

Painting the Azek is the perfect way to seal up the porous edges, as it will prevent mold and mildew from forming or growing there.

  1. Washability and Durability

When you paint Azek, you can wash it quickly and get rid of smudges, dirt, and dust, unlike when you leave it unpainted or untreated. Besides, painting Azek increases its durability because the paint will seal up the pores on it. As a result, the painting will prevent moisture absorption that can undermine its durability. The paint will also serve as protection from the harmful UV rays.

  1. Covering for Nail Holes and Caulking

The standard procedure after installation is to use the plug system after fastening Azek with nails, which bores holes on the Azek surface. Meanwhile, not all contractors follow this procedure; they only caulk the board, which over time, will change into another color other than the Azek’s real color. To prevent such disparity at a later date, it is best to paint Azek after installation.

  1. Customization and Improved Luster

Azek unarguably comes only in the white color. As a result, you are left with painting as the only way to get another color that blends with the color you painted your house. Eventually, painting your Azek increases its luster or shine.

Those are genuine reasons for painting Azek. And you can go ahead to paint your today. However, before you do, read the remaining part of this write-up.

How to Paint Azek

The tips below will guide you on how to paint Azek for the best result possible:

  1. Use denatured alcohol to clean the surface of Azek in preparation for painting.
  2. Use only 100% acrylic paint – no priming.
  3. Choose lighter colors, as darker colors attract more heat, which can cause Azek to warp. In view of this, do not use any color with a Light Reflective Value of below 55.


Painting Azek is the right thing to do to extend its life span, give it a wood appearance, and protect it from mold and mildew growth.