House Painters Newport RI

Residential painting professionals with years of experience.

We are dedicated to providing high quality house painting services to residences in Newport, Rhode Island and the surrounding areas. Depending on the type of painting project that needs to be completed, we can connect clients with talented painters that will work hard to accomplish any painting job. Some of the services provided by the painters we work with include exterior painting, interior painting, and color consultation. Whether a client is looking for a fresh paint job, repaint, or refinishing,we can connect them with skilled professional painters.

Connecting You with Painters You Can Trust

There are several key things we strive to achieve when searching for qualified painters for our clients. We evaluate a painting contractor’s years of experience as well as their license and insurance. It is also essential that our painters have a certificate of proficiency by employees that will guarantee professionalism. . Additionally, we look at the local painting companies near our clients to determine the quality of their jobs and work ethic as well as the pricing for their services. It’s of the utmost importance that the painters that work with Newport Painters work well with our clients. We conduct background checks and reviews on all of the painting companies in the Newport, Rhode Island area to determine the best fit for any paint job. When working with a painter that has been approved you are guaranteed to receive a professional painting job that improves a building’s aesthetics. All of the companies we work with are licensed, bonded, and insured, so we ensure that all clients are protected from liabilities in the event of an accident. What is also important to us is our painters use the best paint products. So that first fresh coat is filled with quality paint.

Client’s Needs. Our Number 1 Priority 

In order to keep the disruption of a building’s usage at a minimum, we strive to complete all home painting in a timely manner. Additionally, our crews make sure that the areas being painted are fully cleaned once a job is complete. Clients will also receive a warranty on all painting jobs done through us.

We work hard to get our clients the best value for their money. By working with us, clients take all of the stress out of getting a building painted. With trusted painters from Newport Painters, there is no need to worry about trying to paint a room or building by oneself or having an unskilled painting crew do a subpar job.

We prioritize the highest quality house painting.  All you need to do is give us a call! By working with us, clients can get a painting job done professionally, in a timely manner, and with zero risks. To get started with our services, contact us today to get a quote.